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  • Accelerator is a pure, super concentrated culture of bacilli preserved as a stable product. The Accelerator organisms produce enzymes which reduce the content of fat, starch, protein and cellulose in wastes.
  • In general, Accelerator is suitable for treating wastes which can later be disposed of in class I landfills.
  • Accelerator is intended to be used in contained situations only (not in open natural waters).
  • Accelerator Should not be used in the presence of chlorinated hydrocarbons or on water where the salinity exceeds 6% dissolved salts.

Soil treatment:  Accelerator must be thoroughly mixed with the soil being treated. This may be accomplished by windrowing or tilling. (till in one direction, turn 90 Deg and till perpendicular to the original till). The soil must be kept at approximately 60% of Saturation moisture. The most important factor in degrading petroleum in soil is soil moisture. Test often and irrigate. Water Treatment:  Spray the full quantity of Accelerator mixture evenly onto the surface of the contaminated water. Where petroleum is disbursed in water the dissolved oxygen is critical. Be sure to provide as much dissolved oxygen as is economically feasible. With minimal changes to its formula, Accelerator is applicable to myriad uses in:

  • sewage treatment
  • industrial waste treatment
  • janitorial/sanitation
  • agricultural waste treatment

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 12 in

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