Maxim HCL Disinfecting Bowl Cleaner

Maxim HCL Disinfecting Bowl Cleaner


Disinfectant cleaner for bowls and urinals in hospitals, industries and institutions.

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This product is an acid disinfectant bathroom toilet bowl cleaner, especially formulated to kill many germs* commonly found in hospital and industrial environments. This product may be used on washable
hard, non-porous surfaces such as: Shower stalls, shower doors, curtains, bathtubs, glazed tiles, chrome plated intakes, toilets, toilet bowl surfaces, urinals, portable toilets, glazed porcelain and plumbing

Product No: 031200
Color: Green
Fragrance: Slight Sassafras
pH Range: <1.0 Dilution: RTU
Available Sizes: 12/1 qt
UPI: RB 312

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Weight28.7 lbs


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