Stokolan® Sensitive PURE

Stokolan® Sensitive PURE


A perfume-free and dye-free skin care cream without preservatives, particularly suited for sensitive and allergy-prone skin types. Stokolan® Sensitive PURE is enriched with the moisturizing agents Glycerin, Urea and Creatine.


Enriched Cream for Sensitive Skin

Dry | Stressed Skin

Where to use: For use in industrial, food handling and healthcare environments, especially where employees are prone to dry or stressed skin

  • Enriched skin conditioning formula – specially formulated to nourish, hydrate and soothe sensitive skin
  • Perfume-free and dye-free formulation – helps reduce the potential for allergic reaction and skin irritation; ideal for people who are sensitive to fragrances
  • Rich in moisturizers – high levels of Glycerin and Urea enhance the water holding capacity of the skin’s upper layers, supporting the skin’s own moisture system and improving skin elasticity
  • Contains Creatine – to help encourage the skin’s own production of barrier lipids and supports cell renewal
  • Non-tainting and HACCP assessed formula – suitable for use in food production and preparation areas

100-ml Tube
Product Code: SSP100ML

Case quantity: 12

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