Oclansorb Sorb Sox 4″ X 2′

Oclansorb Sorb Sox 4″ X 2′


Every contingency clean-up plan should include Oclansorb as the first response for handling hydrocarbon spills efficiently, ecologically, and economically.


Light, compact and easy to maneuver, Sorb Sox Miniboom and Sorb Sox Boom are oil absorbent
socks filled with Oclansorb. Easily molded to fitt the shape of any oil spill, their strong wicking action
draws and retains oil on contact, leaving a clean and dry surface. Once the oil is absorbed, they can
be easily disposed of in landfills or incinerators, local regulations permitting. Sorb Sox Boom perform equally as well as Sorb Sox Miniboom , but are used for much larger spills.

Use Sorb Sox ® to:

Wrap Sorb Sox ® under and around machinery to soak up oil leaks.

Keep Sorb Sox ® handy during machine maintenance work.

Rely on Sorb Sox ® to instantly contain and absorb spills at the scene of accidents.

Use Sorb Sox ® to prevent oil from entering manholes and contaminating sewer systems.

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Weight 15 lbs


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