Oclansorb Boom 7″ X 10′

Oclansorb Boom 7″ X 10′


Use our Absorbent Boom to soak up hydrocarbon spills on land or on water.
To decrease cleaning costs associated with containment boom, use Hi-Point Polypropylene Absorbent Boom to soak up oil by placing it in front of containment boom. This will not only decrease cleaning costs, but will also increase the longevity of the containment boom.


  • Absorbs six times its weight in medium oil. On average, clay-based products absorb only 0.4 times their weight. One pound of Oclansorb will clean up to fifteen times more than one pound of clay .

  • Requires less product, so less storage is needed. Transportation and handling of Oclansorb is made easier, and disposal costs are reduced.

  • Will reduce up to 90 percent of combustible vapours upon application due to its high vapour suppression capacity. Thus, Oclansorb can aid in the prevention of potential accidents stemming from spills.
  • Works instantly when applied on land – just brush Oclansorb in and sweep it up, leaving the surface clean and safe.

  • Oclansorb has open chambers which encapsulate hydrocarbons, rather than attaching to outer surfaces as they do with clay-based products. No leaching or residue will be left to clean up.

  • Made from naturally occurring blond sphagnum peat moss.

  • Consists of organic, non-toxic, non-abrasive, biodegradable and lightweight industrial oil absorbent.

  • Meets and exceeds North American Leachate Standards.

  • Will not release hydrocarbons into the environment.

  • Encapsulates oil which prevents harmful agents from sticking to innocent victims of oil spills. Oclansorb protects wildlife.

  • Can be disposed of in landfills or by incineration, in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines.

  • Producing less waste. Oclansorb is highly absorbent, so little product is required.

  • Does not absorb water (hydrophobic) and quickly absorbs oil for immediate clean up (oleophilic).

  • Can be incinerated producing up to 7200 BTU’s per pound (excluding hydrocarbons). Oclansorb is an alternative fuel source.

  • Cost effective, since one pound absorbs one gallon of oil. One 44-liter bag (18 pounds) of OCLANSORB replaces 450-pounds of clay. One 44-liter bag of Oclansorb, instead of nine bags of clay!

  • Can be stored in a dry place indefinitely.

  • Quick and easy clean up reduces man-hours needed for spill recovery. Unwanted down time is also minimized.

  • Inexpensive disposal, as Oclansorb can be placed in landfills or incinerators, local regulations permitting.


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Weight 30 lbs


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