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Motor Scrubber Starter Kit Long Handle

Say goodbye to manual scrubbing with the MS2000 

This kit includes everything you need to get cleaning; Medium duty brush, green scrubbing pad, red spray cleaning pad, white buffing pad, microfibre pad, pad holder, harness complete with battery and charger and the Long length handle. Medium and short handle kits are also available.

Powerful, lightweight and battery operated.  The MS2000 makes light work of deep cleaning confined and hard to reach places. Achieving outstanding cleaning results on any surface.

MotorScrubber MS2000 2019-2020



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Introducing MS2000 the specialist battery operated deep scrubbing machine perfect for bathrooms, shower areas, around toilets, swimming pools, stairs, walls, base / skirting boards. Its also ideal for polishing marble, mirrors and stainless steel.  The comfortable, all day wear back pack, delivers high torque power to the 18cm / 7″ scrubbing head releasing dirt from deep down while you simply clear away dirty residue leaving surfaces clean and fresh.
With our large range of brushes and pads you’re sure to achieve outstanding cleaning results on any surface.

Manual scrubbing is tiring and exhaustive work, especially in confined and hard to reach areas, never producing the results you want or more importantly need. Short deadlines are also common place in the cleaning industry meaning you need results fast. 

•3 x faster scrubbing than manual methods
•360rpm drastically cuts exhaustive manual labour
•Get a return on your investment within 3 months
•Achieve like new results
•Users love MotorScrubber making cleaning enjoyable
•Very simple to use, no need to learn complicated controls. Plug and go!
•Huge 4 hour runtime with just 8 hour recharge
•100%* waterproof
•Choice of 3 handle sizes

MS2000L – Long Handle

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 58 × 10 × 6 in

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