Motor Scrubber Jet with Chemical Injection

Motor Scrubber Jet with Chemical Injection


The JET Starter Kit includes everything you need to get cleaning; Medium duty brush, green scrubbing pad, red spray cleaning pad, white buffing pad, microfibre pad, pad holder, harness complete with battery, pump and charger.

MotorScrubber JET Phase 2019-2020


Transporting a bucket of solution, or pump up sprayer, wherever you need to clean can be tedious, difficult and time consuming, with more chance of spillages and overuse of solution.  Jet solves these problems, the on board chemical injection gives you an incredible deep clean up to 3m / 10ft high. Now you can spray on demand with precisely the amount of chemical you need, when you need it. Boasting all the features of the MS2000 with added spray function completely removes the need for a separate bucket with chemical.  The low water, easy dose system with super concentrate chemicals means you never overuse or waste solution giving up to 40m2 / 130ft2 of cleaning performance.  Solution is delivered through the high pressure pump directly to the scrubbing head, breaking down dirt and grime. Clear away the dirty residue for sparkling fresh surfaces.  For freedom to clean anywhere, and to increase your cleaning speed choose Jet.


:• 4 x faster scrubbing than manual methods with on board spray function
• 360 rpm drastically cuts exhaustive manual labor
• Get a return on your investment within 3 months
• Achieve like new results
• Users love MotorScrubber making cleaning enjoyable
• Very simple to use, no need to learn complicated controls. Plug and go!
• 1˙ / 0.26 gal quick fill chemical tank. Save money on chemicals by using just what you need, zero waste


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 22 × 18 in


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