Fresh scent deodorizing cleaner. Instantly removes mold and mildew stains from tile, grout, tubs, showers, counters, and sinks.


Instant Stain Removal
Cleans and Whitens

This product is a highly effective mold and mildew stain remover.  Pleasantly scented, this product will leave surfaces clean and smelling fresh. Safer than using straight bleach, this product can be used
anywhere mold and mildew stains present a problem. Convenient, easy and ready to use, this product makes short work of tough cleaning.

Product No: 038600
Color: Straw
Fragrance: Clean
pH Range: 12.5 – 13.0
Dilution: RTU
Available Sizes: 12/1 qt
UPI: RB 386

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs


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