FEMA Blue Sheeting 20 X 100′ Rolls


Laminated Blue Sheeting

  • Extrusion laminated sheeting, string reinforced.
  • Size of Roll: 20’ X 100’ Sheets are folded to a 48” length and rolled for placement on pallet.
  • Pallet configuration: 28 rolls stacked 4 across and 7 high or 24 rolls stacked 4 across and 6 high; number of rolls per pallet determined by overall weight of pallet. Rolls will be supported each layer with cardboard or equivalent roll supports.  Rolls are secured to pallet with four separate evenly spaced metal bands and machine wrapped with a minimum of 7 over lapping layers of heavy duty stretch wrap, rolls will be supported, strapped and wrapped in such a way as no shifting of rolls on pallet will occur.
  • Pallet data: Quality hardwood 48” x 40”, 4-way pallet: 3 stringers / 7 deck boards / 5 bottom deck boards with screw type nails utilized.

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