Excelsior Wattles -12″ X 10′

Excelsior Wattles -12″ X 10′


Coir Erosion Control Baffles are typically considered some of the strongest biodegradable erosion mats available.

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Green Straw Wattles are an effective and economical alternative to silt fence and straw bales for sediment control and storm water runoff. Cinders of recyled, compressed, 100% agricultural straw, straw wattles are wrapped in tubular, UV-stabilized black synthetic netting. Straw wattles can be placed and staked along the contour or newly constructed or disturbed slopes. Their use to capture and retain sediment an EPA-recognized best management practice (BHP). Fertile topsoil, organic matter, and native seeds are trapped behind straw watttles and provide a stable medium for germination . Straw Wattles also retain moisture from rainfall. aiding the growth of tree seedlings planted onto the up-slope side. North American Green straw wattles WS92S (9″ x 25′) and WSl210 (12″ x 10″) are placed by staking in place using North American Green’s 24-inch Eco-Stakest tm and can be used individualy or tied together to achieve any desired length EC Wattles provide temporary sediment retention for • Storm drain inlet protection • Direction of runoff water • Reduction of water flow Used alone or in combination with RECPs, EC Wattles will: • Minimize slope length and steepness • Enhance and protect agricultural land for greater use • Provide cost-effective strategies for sedimentation control in construction areas • Deliver low-cost strategies for erosion control and plant growth around streams and river banks EC Wattles provide distinct advantages over silt fence installations: • Easier and quicker installation in all types of soil and rock bed surfaces saving labor and equipment needs • Greater application range and adaptability for slope and contour challenges through product mobility with placement and adjustment ease • Natural, organic materials can be vegetated and provide better visual and environmental solutions  

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