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Dine-O-Mite Betadine Remover

Instantly neutralizes betadine and iodine-based stains


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Instantly neutralizes betadine and iodine-based stains. Dine-O-Mite is a highly effective, ready-to-use neutralizing solution designed to replace all solvent-based formulations in betadine removal application. Rapidly dissolves betadine from most fabrics, including carpets, uniforms, scrubs and all clothing. Instantly removes stains from floors, tiles, countertops, tables, and more.

Dine-O-Mite not only removes betadine and iodine-based spills & stains, it neutralizes the solution. It chemically transforms the betadine and iodine-based products into water. Iodine-based products such as betadine are a halogen which is considered to be hazardous chemicals. Iodine is considered a poison & can be extremely toxic if used improperly. Dine-O-Mite safely and completely neutralizes the hazardous components in iodine-based products converting them into water.


  • Rapidly removes betadine & iodine-based stains from hard surfaces.
  • Quickly removes betadine & iodine-based stains from fabrics & linens in laundry applications.
  • Neutralizes betadine & iodine-based products into water.
  • An aqueous solution with a free rinsing formula.
  • Bio-based, all natural & biodegradable.


  • Laundry: Use as a pre-spray, applying Dine-O-Mite directly on a stained item. Launder normally.
  • Carpet, Upholstery & Fabrics: Apply Dine-O-Mite directly on the stained area. Gently agitate with a clean cloth or brush. Blot with a clean, white absorbent cloth.
  • Countertops, tiles & floors: Apply Dine-O-Mite directly on the stained area. After stain is removed, blot with a clean, white absorbent cloth & rinse with water.

Case: 4 gallons


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Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in

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