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Capacitor 4mfd Oval; Additional Sizes Available

MARS 12904 4MFD 370V Oval Run Capacitor

4 Microfarad 370Vac Oval Run Capacitor

Manufacturer: MARS

Part Number: 12904

  • Non-PCB Capacitors, Individually Boxed
  • ¼” Quick Disconnect Terminals (Standard)
  • UL & CSA Approved
  • 50 / 60 Hz Operating Frequency, -40 to +70°C Operating Temperature
  • Compatible Replacement for: Obsolete GE / GENTEQ C304 C304L 27L571 27L571BX CPT00076 CPT0076 CPT-0076 97F5704 97F5704BX JARD 12904 MARS 12004 SUPCO CR4X370 325P405H37A15A4ZM9 and other 4 x 370 VAC Oval Capacitors with this uF/Mfd Rating.



Oval Run Capacitor,4Mfd,370V,Ms12904

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.01 × 4.96 × 1.46 in

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