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ASCO 120V Actuator; other sizes and brands available


Product Type:

Electrohydraulic Linear Actuators







Power Requirements:

220 VA



This ASCO actuator is a robust device designed for precise control of gas flow in industrial applications. It operates at a voltage of 120V and features an on-off functionality, providing straightforward operation. The slow open action ensures smooth, gradual opening to prevent sudden changes in gas flow, which can be detrimental to system performance. The actuator takes approximately 26 seconds to fully open, allowing for meticulous control over the gas flow rate. This product is particularly suited for applications where precise control and reliability are paramount.  Please ask us about other actuator sizes and brands available.


The AH4E Hydramotors are three-position push-type, self-contained, electrohydraulic linear actuators featuring dual internal control valves for repeatable positioning. The low fire position is factory set at the stroke midpoint but can be field adjustable to any position between 15% and 100% of stroke.

When power is applied, the actuator shaft travels to the low-fire position. After an external switch completes the low-fire controller circuit, the shaft continues on to the high-fire setting. Opening the external switch returns the shaft to the low-fire setting, and power interruption fully closes the valve in one second or less from any position.

The AH4E Hydramotor/V710(B) gas valve combination provides reliable main line gas control for a wide range of applications, including boilers, furnaces, ovens and all types of industrial and commercial burners.

AH4E Hydramotor mounts in any position directly to a V710 valve with 3 set screws.


  • Proof of Closure Switch (POC) : (Optional) A factory set, non-field adjustable SPDT switch. 1800VA max. connected load (e.g. 15A max. load @ 120V; 7.5A max. load at 240V).
  • Auxiliary Switches: (Optional) One integral SPDT switch; field adjustable to actuate at any position of stroke. 1800 VA max. connected load (e.g. 15A max. load @ 120V; 7.5A max. load at 240V). (Note: Not available if optional POC switch is ordered)

Damper Arm Rating:
Drives damper in one direction only. 20 lb. max. at 2.85″ radius at 20F to 150F and 10 lb. max. at -40F to 20F. Travel 2″ max.

UL listed to standard 429 “Electrically Operated Valves,” Guide YIOZ, File MP932 Safety Valves FM Approved to Class 7400 “liquid and gas safety shutoff valves.” CSA Certified to:

  • Automatic Gas Valves ANSI Z21.21 CSA 6.5, C/I, File 109157 and 113070.
  • Automatic Gas Safety Shutoff Valves (CGA 3.9), File 113070
  • Standard C22.2 No. 139, File 109157 and 113070

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